Physician Training Facility

Supporting Growth & Development of Endovascular Techniques

Physician Training

Supporting Global Endovascular Education

Pima Vascular physicians are honored to speak at regional, national and international conferences annually. In addition to presenting on various topics related to peripheral vascular disease and critical limb ischemia, our team provides on-site training at Pima Vascular related to innovative techniques and investigational devices.

Presentations & Live Case Video

Below are samples of our presentations as well as Live Cases we have performed at different scientific meetings across the world:

Live Case: Tucson, AZ | View Live Case Video
Miguel Montero-Baker, MD | John P. Pacanowski, MD | Robert W. Fincher, OD

Managing Hyperperfusion Syndrome | View Video
Luis Leon, MD

Massive Pulmonary Embolism | View Video
Luis Leon, MD