Advanced Endovascular Limb Salvage

Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment at Pima Vascular

Limb Salvage - Critical Limb Ischemia

We Save Limbs From Amputation

If you feel that you have run out of options and that amputation may be the last resort for treating your peripheral artery disease (PAD), there is still hope. The doctors at Pima Vascular offer innovative endovascular procedures that are focused on saving your limb and can help you avoid amputation.

The goal of endovascular intervention treatment is to revascularize the affected limbs, which requires a highly skilled surgeon who is experienced in endovascular techniques. These treatments are an alternative to the more conventional surgical bypass, which frequently is the first line of defense for treating patients with advanced PAD and critical limb ischemia (CLI). The success rate of endovascular revascularization is high, with less risk factors and morbidity rates than conventional surgical procedures.

Angioplasty and Stenting

One of the treatments we use to restore vascular function is called angioplasty. Angioplasty is often used in conjunction with stenting and involves inflating a small balloon to open the artery. A stent is then placed to hold the artery open and restore blood flow to the affected area. To optimize the therapy, other tools like atherectomy devices, drug-coated technology or scoring balloons may be used. To avoid potential complications from plaque that can break off during the procedure, an embolic protection device may be used. At Pima Vascular, you can avoid hospitalization and the associated risks of exposure as your outpatient treatment will be in a comfortable setting at one of our surgical centers.


While angioplasty and stenting restore blood flow by compressing arterial plaque against the wall of the artery to open the artery, the atherectomy procedure cuts and removes plaque from the arterial walls. In some cases atherectomy may be used in coordination with angioplasty and stenting. This treatment is often performed on an outpatient basis.

Specialized Tools and Instruments

Pima Vascular physicians utilize the latest tools and techniques for difficult-to-access lesions, with reduced recovery time and exceptional results. Our expertise includes intravascular ultrasound technology, the latest endovascular atherectomy devices, advanced angiographic imaging and investigational endovascular stents and devices. At Pima Vascular, our focus is saving limbs and resolving PAD with the most non-invasive strategies possible.

At Pima Vascular, patients are observed on a one-to-one basis with doctors and nurses in a warm, comfortable setting. The outpatient style of treatment ensures that our patients are able to return home quickly, typically within four to six hours of their endovascular treatment.